About Us

Our Mission

To create a path to prosperity and financial freedom for all through successful investment and trading. To provide the best possible market intelligence to all financial market participants, where we empower you to choose a brighter financial future leading to a better quality of life.

Our Vision


Our 7 principles

These are the principles that guide our mission to promote openness, innovation & opportunity in the financial markets.

Our Team

Our team is made up of financial market professionals, practitioners and volunteers who represent a breadth of experience and expertise in the financial services industry. While team members have different day-to-day responsibilities and areas of focus, they are all guided by our community-based vision, mission, identity and principles.

To learn more about our members, see their profiles below or for a detailed resume you can connect with them and with us on LinkedIn.

Joseph Basmaji

Founding member.

Rajan Dhall MSTA

Rajan Dhall is the co-founder and a senior trader of X Capital Management a managed fund, and a technical analyst who has been trading professionally since 2007 managing various funds producing exceptional returns. He has traded on behalf of some of the largest financial institutions in the UK most notably HiFX, SAT Worldwide and Mannwealth. He is a full member for the Society of Technical Analysts holding the prestigious MSTA designation and he is a Chartered Financial Technician with the International Federation of Technical Analysts. Rajan has vast experience of research, developing and testing complex trading systems focusing on the equity, futures and foreign exchange markets. He has also provided market commentary services to many dedicated investors and traders as well as financial institutions. Rajan believes psychology is the key to trading success and focuses on this when mentoring new traders.

Shawn Kenny


Rangan Padmanabhan

Founding member.

Kardaya S. Rooprai BA (Hons) CIMA Dip MA

Kardaya Rooprai is a founding member of STS Analytics, Chairman and CEO of Trading Insights Ltd, , CIO of KR Capital Partners Ltd, senior partner at JKR Associates Ltd and a professional trader with over 15 years’ investing and trading experience. He graduated from university with a BA (Honours) in Accounting and Finance in 2001 and has been a member of the Society of Technical Analysts and the International Federation of Technical Analysts since 2007. With a background in finance and global financial markets, and a career that took him to the Bank of England and JP Morgan Chase, he has worked alongside some of the best traders and investors in the world including legendary market wizards. Kardaya was previously Chief Technical Analyst at Interactive Investor Trading Ltd, he has extensive experience using technical and fundamental analysis and as an experienced professional trader and consultant, he has produced compelling content delivered via educational programs, research material, white papers, blogs, feature and podcasts for all levels of investors and traders.

Monty Smith

Founding member.

Stephen S. Streigel BA

Stephen Striegel is a founding member of STS Analytics and has been a full time professional trader since graduating college with a BA in Finance Investments in 1984. He has extensive experience using technical and fundamental analysis and as an experienced professional trader and consultant, he has delivered content via educational programs to the likes of Dean Witter.  In 2004 he joined LBR Group and was a trader for The Granat Fund up until 2005. For three years up to 2008 Stephen was the head moderator for LBR Group’s real time commodity advisory service providing clients with live futures trade calls. Alongside trading his own account since 1982, Stephen has managed private equity for individual clients across multiple markets using a variety of financial instruments for the best part of a decade.  Stephen has been a member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts in the United States since 2006.

Marie Tangco BS

Marie Tangco is a founding member of STS Analytics and received a BS degree in Nursing in 1995 which led her to a successful career in psychiatry and study of human behaviour. She began actively trading equities across her own account in 1998 returning in excess of 120 percent per annum before transitioning into futures trading. In 2001 she was identified by world renowned market wizard Linda Bradford Raschke for her exceptional analytical skills and subsequently worked alongside Ms. Raschke providing clients with real time market analysis and commentary through LBR Group’s real time commodity advisory service. In 2010 Marie went on to manage a portfolio via a risk management trading program on behalf of a European commodity and foreign exchange brokerage firm. Marie’s extensive experience and trading success prompted Forbes to interview her for their April 2011 issue.


The STS Analytics project was started in in November 2010 during one of the most volatile periods in history for global financial markets. It was intended to harness the expert knowledge and experience of a number of successful traders and financial professionals from around the globe and fuel unprecedented demand for research and analytics in the financial market. Within the first year, new members from around the world were added and began to significantly contribute to open projects.

As the STS Analytics project became larger members got involved and expanded the scope of the project’s original mission — instead of just working on none commercial research and analytical projects, the information coming out of the research was so valuable that it provided a significant competitive advantage which led to the development of our commercial projects. After several months of operation, the STS Analytics group worked with a global top 20 hedge fund and during this period many improvements were made to the research process.

Members have contributed to STS Analytics in different ways, but everyone is passionate about sharing market intelligence that enables all participants in the financial markets to access the best possible market information.

As a result, STS Analytics partnered with Trading Insights, an investment and trading training consultancy and Forensic Markets to complement the projects that we work on. Alongside our blog Trading Insights platform was and continues to be used to share the work that we do by providing our none proprietary research to the investment and trading community.

If you want to join us in our mission, please contact us to get involved.

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